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Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis is a disorder of the hip that can happen in your pre-teen or teen. SCFE occurs when the femur’s head (also known as the ‘ball’) slips backward and downward at the site of the growth plate.

The growth plate, where new bone is formed, is situated between the ‘ball’ segment and the long shaft section of the femur, in the region called the ‘neck’

A soft, flexible layer called cartilage makes up the growth plate. During the adolescent years, when there is rapid bone growth, it is weaker than the rest of the bone.

When the head of the femur slips, the natural alignment of the bone segments get altered.

This condition can occur in one or both of a child’s hips and develops over time. It can also occur suddenly due to a fall or other injury.

Some of the symptoms of SCFE are:

  • Pain in the groin area, knee or hip
  • Stiffness in hip region
  • Walking with a limp
  • If SCFE is left untreated, the blood supply to the head of the femur is restricted and the hip begins to collapse. This results in rapid and severe osteoarthritis.

    SCFE can be treated through surgery. The goal of this treatment is to prevent further slippage and avoid complications.

    Dr. Vidyasagar Chandankere is an expert in treating children’s orthopedic disorders in Secunderabad.

    Dr. Vidyasagar, MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics) is specialized in pediatric bone problems. He has treated thousands of children, who are now free from their bone deformities.

    For people with this condition, Dr. Vidyasagar provides a personalized approach to get rid of the connection attached.

    He ensures that the treatment is carried out smoothly, and without any complications. After the surgery, Dr Vidyasagar will give post-op instructions in order to fasten the recovery process.

    If your ward needs treatment for SCFE, book an appointment now either by phone or online.

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