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A flat foot is a condition in which the arches inside the feet are flattened, with entire soles touching the floor when stood up.

Different types of Flat Foot are:

  • Flexible flat foot
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  • A flat foot is commonly seen in babies and toddlers as it takes time for tendons to tighten and form an arch. Obesity, aging, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis increase the risk of flat feet.

    If flatfeet are not treated on time, it gradually leads to arthritis and loss of function.

    Physiotherapy, stretches, supportive shoes, and arch supporting insoles are nonsurgical methods to rectify flatfeet. In case of failure with the above techniques, Dr. Vidyasagar may recommend surgery may take place.

    Dr. Vidyasagar Chandankere is an expert in treating children’s orthopedic disorders in Secunderabad.

    Dr. Vidyasagar, MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics) is specialized in pediatric bone problems. He treated thousands of children, who are now free from their bone deformities.

    As children’s feet are flexible, flat feet can be treated by exercises, braces, and appropriate footwear. Our doctor provides the best footwear to children in rectifying their deformities.

    Book an appointment with us today, and get customized shoes that will help you get back on your feet!

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