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Congenital vertical talus, often called rocker-bottom foot is a rare congenital foot deformity. In this condition, the sole of the child's foot flexes abnormally in a convex position giving the foot a rocker-bottom appearance.

Congenital vertical talus can be caused either by neuromuscular conditions or genetic disorders.

Some signs of this condition are upward flex of the mid-and forefoot, hindfoot elevation, misalignment between midfoot and hindfoot, improper balance, and abnormal walking.

Untreated congenital vertical talus causes significant long-term disability.

Congenital Vertical Talus should be treated before your child starts to walk. This misalignment will not improve with just stretching and casting but will need surgical techniques.

Depending upon the severity, the surgery is through either an open or closed approach. Dr. Vidyasagar Chandankere is an expert pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Secunderabad.

Dr. Vidyasagar, MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics) is a specialist in treating children’s bone problems. His experience in this field helps him in identifying the ailment at a very early stage.

He, with utmost care and attention, tailors a personalized approach to rectify the deformity.

Congenital Vertical Talus needs to get corrected as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary complications.

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