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Radioulnar Synostosis is a congenital condition in children where the bones in the forearm are abnormally connected. The two forearm bones are the radius and the ulna.

When the baby is in the mother's womb, arms development starts between the fifth and eighth week, when the radius and ulna are connected. Later they get separated as individual bones. In case of abnormal separation, the baby gets radioulnar synostosis.

Family history, developmental abnormality, and forearm fracture are a few causes of Radioulnar Synostosis.

The symptoms of this condition are limitations of arm rotation, abnormal angle of elbow positioning, or shorter forearm.

If Radioulnar Synostosis is left untreated, the rotation of the arm is restricted.

Treatment of Radioulnar synostosis is done by assessing the underlying structure of a child's bones, with the help of an X-ray or CT scan.

In the case of mild Radioulnar Synostosis, physical and occupational therapy will rectify the condition. If not surgery is usually performed for rectification.

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As children’s bones are flexible, Radioulnar synostosis can be treated by proper surgery. Our doctor provides expert treatment with the best results to children in rectifying their deformities.

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