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Exostosis, also termed bony spur or osteoma, occurs when bone growth extends beyond its usual smooth surface.

Based on its location, Exostosis can be:

  • Surfer's ear (Bone growth in the ear)
  • Subungual Exostosis (Bony tumor under nail bed)
  • Buccal Exostosis (bone growth inside mouth or back of teeth)
  • Haglund’s deformity (back of heel bone)
  • Sinuses (walls of sinuses)
  • Genetic syndrome, injury, and chronic irritation of bone are causes of exostosis.

    Minimal symptoms like pain and blockage in bone growth areas bowed arms or legs, and limbs of different lengths are seen in persons affected with Exostosis.

    Untreated Exostosis leads to severe pain, and blockage of air, mucus, or earwax depending on the infected area. In extreme cases, it may lead to bone cancer.

    Treatment for Exostosis varies from person to person based on the size and location of bone growth. If the bone growth is enormous then surgery is needed to rectify it.

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